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Hello there,

How have you been feeling lately? 


Checking on ourselves and being aware of how we are feeling are essential for our mental health. It is a journey, and it takes conscious effort to keep us well. I personally experienced the negative effects of neglecting my mental health on myself and others around me as I pursued my career to build a more comfortable life for my family. I realised that I was not alone, and so many of us struggle with keeping our mental health in check as we compromise it with other aspects of our lives. Most of us tend to take our mental health lightly and avoid discussing it openly because we are afraid of being judged. 

I just want you to know that you are not alone. Your feelings are valid and it is okay to seek help when you feel overwhelmed. It is also possible to take care of our mental well-being while we build the life that brings us happiness, purpose and fulfilment. 

Let us walk you through this journey with GLOW journal

With Gratitude & Love,

Trinh Tran Chau 

Founder & Author


Trinh, Founder of GLOW SPACE™, is a Vietnamese Singaporean who has spent almost two decades working in the hospitality industry, dealing with and serving people. Trinh used to be a workaholic who spent much of her time at work, and her mental health negatively affected many aspects of her life, including her relationship with her loved ones. 


After her Mother's passing two years ago, her perspective of life changed. Trinh learned about Mindfulness and used it to cope with her grievances. She began to slow down and paid more attention to her being. She began to appreciate more things in life, improve her self-awareness and understand how her Mental Health has played an important part in all aspects of her life. Trinh then made her life mission to help others elevate their mental health while building a balanced and meaningful life so that they can have more quality time with their loved ones.  

Trinh has more than 16-year experience in managing and dealing with people at different levels. She is now a Business and Life Strategist, certified in Transformative Coaching and trained in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Besides, she has spent years learning painful and important life lessons from her own experience and others. Her understanding of human psychology and behaviour, along with her professional credentials, has made her excellent at human connection. Trinh has a strong ability to bring out the best in people. She aspires to inspire others to take charge of their mental health, enjoy the moments and live their lives to the fullest.

In 2021, Trinh decided to dedicate her time to raising awareness on how to take charge of our mental well-being daily while building a life that brings them Happiness, Purpose and Fulfillment. GLOW SPACE™ was established in July 2021 with a mission to help others, especially women, elevate their growth, improve their mental well-being, and live their best life. The company aspires to build a safe space where everyone can GLOW™ and grow together by sharing knowledge, learning from each others' stories and supporting each other on their journeys. Trinh also creates content on various channels to educate, inspire, nurture and empower others to take charge of their mental well-being and their lives.


As part of GLOW SPACE™'s mission, GLOW journal™ is specially curated and designed to promote mental wellness and personal growth through mindful living with Gratitude, Love, Original and Wisdom while developing self-awareness. Journaling helps improve mental health and break the cycle of negative thought patterns by reflecting on your thoughts, feelings while working through your fears, and concerns with Cognitive Behavior Therapy technique, Transformative Coaching questioning technique, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.

Let's GLOW as we grow together. 

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