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The GLOW Together 2024 kit is a must-have for mothers and daughters or sisters who want to cultivate positive habits and foster a healthy relationship as they navigate life's challenges. This kit includes a set of mental health and personal development journals, specifically designed to help women of all ages regulate their emotions, set goals, and track their progress. With prompts and exercises tailored to their unique needs, mother-daughter duos can strengthen their bond and support each other's growth. Don't wait to start your journey towards a brighter future - order the GLOW Together 2024 kit today.



1. GLOW Journal® - Junior Edition:

GLOW Journal® - Junior Edition is suitable for young girls from ten years old to help them manage their thoughts and feelings while building healthier routines for their overall well-being. 



  • Positive Reminders for you
  • How to use GLOW
  • Learnings and Exercises about GLOW 
    • Gratitude 
    • Love & Self-Love
    • Original - Get to know yourself
    • Wisdom 
  • Self-care routine 
  • Reframing your Negative Self-Talk 
  • Learning about your Overthinking Patterns 
  • Daily Check-in


2. GLOW Journal® - Women Edition:

This beautifully designed journal will bring you through a 30-day deep reflection with thought-provoking questions and exercises to help you rediscover yourself, build your mental strength and design your future based on your true desire.


- Hardcover Rose gold Stamping with bookcase.

- A5 size 14.8cm x 21cm (200 pages).

- 120gsm paper.

- Full-colour printing.

- 2 pages of full-colour stickers.



  • Motivational quotes 
  • Getting to know GLOW:
    • Gratitude
    • Love
    • Original
    • Wisdom
  • Letter of commitment
  • Month Planner | Habit Tracker | Monthly Reflection
  • Weekly Planner
  • Daily Planner | Daily Gratitude List
  • 30-day journey with GLOW with 30 prompts to help you connect with your inner world.




GLOW Together 2024

$118.80 Regular Price
$98.80Sale Price
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