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GLOW Journal® -  Women Edition is specially curated and designed to help you rediscover amazing things about yourself and understand who you truly are. Besides learning about GLOW - Gratitude, Love, Original, Wisdom, GLOW Journal® will bring you through a 30-day deep reflection with thought-provoking questions and exercises to help you rediscover yourself, build your mental strength and design your future based on your true desire.


Get to know yourself | Daily check-in with yourself | Practice self-love | Spend me time | Practise Gratitude | Reflect and learn | Cleanse your thoughts | Set intentions | Pen down ideas | GLOW up



  1. Motivational quotes 
  2. Getting to know GLOW:
    • Gratitude
    • Love
    • Original
    • Wisdom
  3. Letter of commitment
  4. Month Planner | Habit Tracker | Monthly Reflection
  5. Weekly Planner
  6. Daily Planner | Daily Gratitude List
  7. 30-day journey with GLOW with 30 prompts to help you connect with your inner world.


This is not just a journal. This is the connection between you and your inner world with my continuous support and guidance. It is our commitment to be here with you throughout your journey and see you transform your life.


GLOW Journal® - Women Edition

SKU: GJ0002


    - Hardcover Rose gold Stamping with bookcase

    - A5 size 14.8cm x 21cm (200 pages)

    - 120gsm paper

    - Full-colour printing

    - 2 pages of full-colour stickers

    2. Lifetime Exclusive Facebook Group Access for GLOW journal members to interact, share, learn and motivate each other on our journey to reach our life goals. 

    3. Unlimited Q&A with Trinh via Email, WhatsApp or DMs to support you on your GLOW journey.

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